Contextual Handgun: The Armed Parent/Guardian


  • july 9-10, 2022

  • 6801 County Road 14,Mount Gilead, OH 43338



his is a fast-paced course designed and taught by John Johnston and Melody Lauer around the thought, “What if my loved ones are with me if I get into a shooting?” Contextual Handgun: The Armed Parent/Guardian discusses with students the hard/soft skills necessary to solve the commonly observed shooting problems associated with fighting with our children present. Students will be shown WHY the context we find ourselves in as a parent can change our tactics. This skill-intensive two-day course covers application of practical handgun skills in a family environment. Topics include, but are not limited to; types of attacks, avoidance skills, handgun terminal ballistics and the importance of accuracy, one-handed access/shooting skills, shooting past/around no-shoots, clearing family members from lines of fire, best practices for dealing with a close-range assault while loading/unloading children from the vehicle, malfunction clearances and more with the end result being students better capable of delivering fast, accurate, fight-ending fire on demand.
4 hr Lecture only $125
Full 2-Day course $500